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Surname A
105 Squadron RAF Abbot, Frank Bernard, 28, 14th May 1940, Royal Air Force, 105 Squadron, 563017, Sergeant,
Son of Bernard and Honora E. M. Abbott, of Newport, Monmouthshire; husband of Laura Mary Abbott. A.F.R.Ae.S.



Local memorial - St Marks church

Newport High School memorial in St Marks church


Phillip Abbott's headstone Abbott, Phillip Bernard, 36, 19th September 1941, Royal Artillery, 4070245, Battery Quartermaster Serjeant, husband of Jane Mary Abbott, NEWPORT (ST. WOOLOS) CEMETERY, FC. D85. 248.

Local memorial - St Julian's High School

St Julian's High School memorial                              Obituary                              Inquest


SS Castlemoor is the middle ship Abdo, Assan, 49, 25th February 1940, Merchant Navy, SS. Castlemoor (London), TOWER HILL MEMORIAL, Panel 24.


Charles Abraham Abraham, Charles, 31st May 1916, HMS Indefatigable, Royal Marine Artillery, RMA 10681, Gunner, Royal Albert, Portland Street, Newport, Mon., PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL, REf 21

HMS Indefatigable


W. Abraham's grave (joint) Abraham, Walter, 4th December 1918, 3rd Bn Welsh Regiment, Welsh Regiment, Private, NEWPORT (ST. WOOLOS) CEMETERY, CON. D41 108




Walter Henry Abraham's headstone (Joint)

Abraham, Walter Henry, 22, 29th November 1920, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, H.M.S. "Vivid.", Wales Z/4130, Able Seaman, Son of Henry and Louis Abraham, of 60, Alexandra Rd., Newport, Mon., NEWPORT (ST. WOOLOS) CEMETERY, CON. D41 108




All Saint's church memorial Ackland, Thomas Ralph, 24, 19th April 1918, London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers), posted to 1st/4th Bn., 76121, Corporal, Son of Alma Sarah Acland of 57, St. Athens Rd., Mynachdy, Cardiff, and the late Thomas Acland, TILLOY BRITISH CEMETERY, TILLOY-LES-MOFFLAINES, IV. H. 2.

Local memorial - All Saint's church, Brynglas


All Saint's churh memorial Adams, Arthur Henry, 31, 4th September 1918, Mercantile Marine, S.S. "War Firth" (London)Chief Steward, husband of Emily Adams (nee Rowlands) of Carlton House, Malpas Rd., Newport, Mon., TOWER HILL MEMORIAL

Local memorial - All Saint's church, Brynglas

South Wales Argus


Arthur Adams Adams, Arthur Rowland, 26, 29th February 1944, Royal Army Service Corps, T/164323,  Driver, Son of Ch. Steward Arthur Henry Adams, (lost in S.S. War Firth (London), 4th September, 1918), and Emily Adams of Newport, Mon., BEACH HEAD WAR CEMETERY, ANZIO. XIV. H. 8.

Local memorial - Malpas Road Evangelical church

Malpas Road Evangelical church                    Obituary                    Eulogy                   Roll of Honour


  Adams, David, 33, 22nd June 1944, Royal Engineers,999 Port Operating Coy., 14505041, Sapper, husband of Minnie Elizabeth Adams of Newport, Mon., HERMANVILLE WAR CEMETERY, 3. D. 3.


  Adams, Eli served as Frank Jones, 1st July 1916, 2nd Bn. Monmouthshire Regiment, 3328, Private, KNIGHTSBRIDGE CEMETERY, MESNIL-MARTINSART, H. 35.


Lysaght's (Orb) Steelworks memorial Adams, Frank Bert, 32, 28th August 1916, 2nd Bn. South Wales Borderers, 21620, Private, VLAMERTINGHE MILITARY CEMETERY, IV. C. 13.

Local memorial - Lysaght's (Orb) Steelworks

Obituary                                        Memorial


Adams, Frederick George Victor, 33, 24th September 1944,  5th Bn. Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, 5436056, Warrant Officer Class II (C.S.M.), Son of George Victor Adams, and stepson of Florence May Adams, of Newport, Mon.; husband of Agnes Eliza (June) Adams of Lanivet, Cornwall, HETEREN (DRIEL) PROTESTANT CHURCHYARD, South of entrance.

Local memorial - St Julian's High School

St Julian's High School memorial


Adams, George Victor, 23, 1st September 1918, Royal Field Artillery 53rd Div. Ammunition Col., 740522, Gunner, Son of Henry and Mary L. Adams of Clifton House, Milman St., Newport, Mon., RAMLEH WAR CEMETERY, AA. 24


Henry Adams Adams, Henry Charles, 32, 27th September 1915, 20th Siege Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery, 27412, Serjeant, Son of Edwin and Sarah Ann Adams, of Broad Street Common, Nash, nr. Newport, Mon., HOP STORE CEMETERY, Plot I. Row C. Grave

Obituaries                              Memorial                              SWA article


Thomas Adams Adams, Thomas Stephen, 32, 30th October 1917,  Kings Liverpool Regt., 19th Labour Coy.74678Private, .Husband of Sarah Lucy Saunders (formerly Adams) of 2, Capel St., Newport, Mon., SOLFERINO FARM CEMETERY, I. D. 15.

Local memorial -
Havelock Street Presbytarian church

Havelock Steeet Prebytarian church                              Obituary                              Memorial



Adams, Walter George, 33, 29h December 1941, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 974 Balloon Sqdn., 1154604, Aircraftman 2nd Class, son of George and Louise Adams, husband of Frances Adams, of Newport, Mon., FAYID WAR CEMETERY, 1. F. 16.



SS Melrose Adams, William, 42, 15th March 1940, Merchant Navy, S.S. Melrose (Leith), Carpenter, TOWER HILL MEMORIAL, Panel 69.

Local memorial - St Michael's RC church

St Michael's memorial                              Obituary                             Roll of Honour


Addams-Williams, Donald Arthur, 19, 13th August 1915, "A" Coy. 4th Bn. South Wales Borderers, Second Lieutenant, Son of Herbert and Grace Addams-Williams, of Llangibby Rectory, Newport, Mon., 7th FIELD AMBULANCE CEMETERY

Local memorial - Lysaght's (Orb) Steelworks

Lysaght's (Orb) Steelworks memorial                                        Donald Addams-Williams


  Agist, James, 62, 24th April 1917, Mercantile Marine, S.S. "Ferndene" (Newcastle), Fireman and Trimmer, husband of Sarah Jane Agist (nee Gould), of 10, Corelli St., Newport, Mon., TOWER HILL MEMORIAL


  Ahearn, Daniel, 19, 23rd October 1916, Mercantile Marine, S.S. "Clearfield", Assistant Cook, Son of Daniel Ahearn, of 13, Magor St., Newport, Mon., and the late Catherine Ahearn (nee Green), TOWER HILL MEMORIAL,


World War One memorial AHearne, William, Royal Engineers. Working Batt., 11863, Sapper,     WW1

Local memorial - St Mary's RC church



Roll of Honour Aldous, Kenneth H, 10th November 1944, Royal Navy, H.M.L.C.S.(L) 252, D/JX 454479, Ordinary Signalman, PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL, Panel 101. Column 3.

Plymouth's Royal Naval Memorial                                        Roll of Honour


Memorial Alexander, James Hammond, 23, 13th April 1918, 18th Bn. Welsh Regiment, 1983, Lance Corporal, Son of James F. H. Alexander, of 42, Archibald St., Newport, Mon., PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIAL, Panel 7.

Local memorial - Havelock Street Presbytarian church

Havelock Street Presbytarian church


Allan, Eric Hugh, 20, 25th April 1918, Royal Naval Reserve, H.M.S. “Bombala”, Sub-Lieutenant, Son of Peter and Annie Thornton Allan, of 83, Column Road, Cardiff. Born at Newport, Mon., PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL, Panel 30.

I can add, that U 154 had captured an Lieutenant who claims to be the CO of BOMBALA (this men died with the crew of U 154).

The officer was Sub-Lt. Eric Hugh Allan, who was from Cardiff. According to a local press report published some months later, he was taken prisoner by the U-boat because the Bombala's captain was wounded and the first officer had been killed. His date of death is given as 25/04/18, even though, as you say, he died later when U 154 was sunk.”


Rogerstone Library civilian war dead memorial Allen, Ernest Job, 42, 7th October 1941.  of 21 Park Avenue, Rogerstone, Mon., Son of the late Beatrice Allen; husband of Sarah Louisa Allen. Died at 21 Park Avenue, Rogerstone, Mon., Civilian War Dead, Civilian, MAGOR AND ST. MELLONS, RURAL DISTRICT

Local Memorial - Rogerstone Public Library

Park Avenue                              Park Avenue                              Park Avenue


Rogerstone Library civilian war dead memorial Allen, Sarah Louisa, 37, 7th October 1941, of 21 Park Avenue, Rogerstone. Daughter of Mrs. M. Molloy, of 2 St. Edward Street, Newport, and of the late T. E. Molloy; wife of Ernest Job Allen. Died at 21 Park Avenue, Rogerstone, Mon., Civilian War Dead, Civilian, MAGOR AND ST. MELLONS, RURAL DISTRICT

Local memorial - Rogerstone Public Library

Park Avenue                              Park Avenue                              Park Avenue


Llandovery Castle

Allen, John, 33, 27th June 1918, Mercantile Marine, H.M.H.S. “Llandovery Castle” (London), Fireman, Son of William and Sarah Allen, husband of Mary Elizabeth Allen (nee Garland), of 25, Warden Road, Bedminster, Bristol. Born at Newport, Mon., TOWER HILL MEMORIAL.



  Allen, Reginald H, Merchant Navy,     WW2


Ronald Allen Allen, Ronald George, 19, 20th March 1945,  Royal Navy, H.M.S. Lapwing, D/JX 651446, Able Seaman, Son of James Horace and Florence Allen of Newport, Mon., PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL, Panel 93, Column 3.

Local memorial - Stewart and Lloyds (Lysaghts memorial)

                    Obituary                    Roll of Honour                    HMS Lapwing


Jack Allen Allen, Samuel Johnson (Jack), 30th April 1917, 4th Bn. South Wales Borderers, 12459,Private,  10 Libeneth Road, Newport, Mon., BASRA MEMORIAL, Panel 16 and 62.



Obituary Allen, Tom Reginald, 24, 6th May 1917, 15th Bn. Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 21767Lance Corporal, Son of Sir Thomas and Lady Allen of "Hillside," Edward VII Avenue, Newport, Mon., ESSEX FARM CEMETERY. III. F. 4.


SS Castlemoor in the middle Alli, Manasa, 45, Merchant Navy, S.S. Castlemoor (London), Fireman and Trimmer, TOWER HILL MEMORIAL, Panel 24.




SS Navarino Alli, Said, 55, 4th July 1942, Merchant Navy, S.S. Navarino (Glasgow), TOWER HILL MEMORIAL, Panel 72.





Allimonakis, Frank, 23, 22nd November 1941, 3rd Regt. Royal Horse Artillery, 886502, Gunner, Son of Frank and Mary Allimonakis, of Newport, Mon., KNIGHTSBRIDGE WAR CEMETERY, ACROMA, 16. D. 22.



World War One memorial Allison, William, 35, 15th May 1917, Mercantile Marine, S.S. "Polymnia" (London), Ship's Cook, husband of Elizabeth Allison (nee Sullivan), of 83 Lime St., Newport, Mon., TOWER HILL MEMORIAL

Local memorial - St Mary's RC church



SS Anglo Saxon Allnatt, Walter Robert Thomas Louis, 28, 21St August 1940, Merchant Navy, S.S. Anglo Saxon (London), TOWER HILL MEMORIAL, Panel 8.


Allsopp, A O, 30th October 1917, "B" Bty. 74th Bde. Royal Field Artillery, 19709, Gunner, RUISSEAU FARM CEMETERY, C.12.

SS Lyras Amaratos, Mitchell G, 21, 8th November 1942, Merchant Navy, SS Lyras, Mess room boy

Died at Lourenco Marques from dysentery and bronchial pneumonia on 8th November 1942, age 21, whilst serving as a Mess Room Boy on the Greek ship SS Lyras.

Information: Mr Billy McGee


HM Submarine H49 Amery, Jack, 27th October 1940, Royal Navy, H.M. Submarine H.49, P/MX 53237, Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class, PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL, Panel 41, Column 1.




Amman, Albert Edward, 39, 31st January 1942, Royal Navy, H. M. S. Pembroke, C/MX85474, Assistant Cook, Son of Mrs. Amman, husband of Lilian Ann Amman, of Newport, Monmouthshire, ILFORD (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD.



Anami, Sperio, 24th April 1918, Mercantile Marine, “Agnete” (London), Donkeyman, Husband of Mrs Animio, of 88, Dolphin St., Newport, Mon., TOWER HILL MEMORIAL.




Anders, Bohdan, 26, 2nd June 1941, Polish Air Force 316 Sqdn, P/0161, Porucznik (Lietentant), PEMBREY (ST. ILLTYD) CHURCHYARD, Row 1 Coll Grave 11.


Anderson, Francis Roland, 24, 18th October 1940, Merchant Navy, S. S. Fiscus, Third Engineer Officer, TOWER HILL MEMORIAL, Panel 49

Local memorial - Newport Rugby Club

SS Fiscus


Christchurch War Memorial Anderson, James, 45, 6th May 1917, Mercantile Marine, S.S. "Alfalfa" (London), 1st Engineer, husband of Helen Anderson (nee Clark) of "Brooklyn," Gibbs Rd., Newport, Mon., TOWER HILL MEMORIAL

Local memorial - Christchurch War Memorial


John Anderson
Anderson, John Edward, 26th October 1917, Royal Marine Light Infantry, 2nd R.M. Bn. R.N. Div., PLY/721(S), Private, Eldest son of P.C. and Mrs Anderson of 8 Canon Street, Newport, Mon., TYNE COT MEMORIAL, Panel 1 and 162A.


Cause Of Death:         Wounded & Missing, assumed dead.

Service History:           Draft for MEF 9/5/15, joined Chatham Bn. 30/5/15-14/7/15 GSW left cheek, rejoined Chatham Bn. 20/7/15-13/9/15 Pyrexia Unknown Origin, rejoined 1st RM Bn. 8/1/16-8/8/16 posted to 188th MG Company, 16/2/17 Pyrexia Unknown Origin Invalided to UK ; Draft for BEF 12/9/17, joined 2nd RM Bn. 26/9/17-26/10/17 DD.

Notes: Mother, Mrs. Catherine Anderson, 8 Canon St., Newport, Mon.


John Anderson Anderson, John Martin, 53, 23rd January 1941, Merchant NavyS.S. Lurigethan (Belfast), Donkeyman, TOWER HILL MEMORIAL, Panel 66.

Obituary                   Obituary                    Roll of Honour                              Longethan


  Anderson, Kenneth Wyndham, 27, 5th March 1943, Merchant Navy, S.S. Empire Tower (London), Son of Daniel and Emma Anderson husband of Megan Anderson, of Pontypool, Mon., TOWER HILL MEMORIAL, Panel 46.


Robert Anderson's headstone Anderson, Robert, 31, 14th January 1915,  No.2 Depot Royal Garrison Artillery, 455, Gunner, Husband of Edith Kate Anderson of 13 Albert Avenue, Newport, Mon., NEWPORT (ST. WOOLOS) CEMETERY, FC. D18. 286.



  Anderson, William, 32, 6th May 1917, Mercantile Marine, S.S. "Alfalfa", Fireman, Born at Liverpool, TOWER HILL MEMORIAL


Alan Andrews Andrews, Alan Jeffrey, 22, 2nd November 1942, Royal Air Force (VR), 60748, Flight Lieutenant, DFC+Bar, husband of Jean Elizabeth Andrews of Usk, Mon., RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL, Panel 65

DFC & Bar


St Julian's High School memorial Andrews, Albert Howard, 21st January 1945, Royal Air Force (VR), 518 Sqn, Coastal Command, 1804199, Flight Sergeant, RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL, Panel 270.

Local memorial - St Julian's High School



All Saint's churh memorial Andrews, Frederick E, 20th July 1916, 4th Bn. South Wales Borderers, G/25642, Corporal, AMARA WAR CEMETERY, XIII. H. 18.

Local memorial - All Saint's church, Brynglas



Obituary Andrews-Jones, Haydn, 26, 28th March 1918, 19th Bn. The King's (Liverpool Regiment), 25015, Private, (served as JONES). Son of James Andrews-Jones, and Anne (his wife) of 18 Broughton Rd., Ealing, London. Born at Newport, Mon., POZIERES MEMORIAL, Panel 21 to 23



SS Peshawur Andrews, William James, 33, 9th October 1917, Mercantile Marine, S.S. Peshawur (Glasgow), Winchman, Son of the late George Andrews; husband of Louisa Jane Andrews (nee Adams), of 38, Chauntler Rd., Custom House, London. Born at Deptford, TOWER HILL MEMORIAL



Roy Angus Angus, Roy William Frederick, 23, 13th August 1918, Royal Air Force, 148 Sqdn., Lieutenant, Son of Fredrick William James and Mary Elizabeth Angus of Trevarth, Cardiff Rd., Newport, Mon., PERNES BRITISH CEMETERY, IV. A. 13.

                                         148 Squadron RAF


Jack Anstice Anstice, Reginald John (Jack), 27, 24th December 1944, 154 (The Leicestershire Yeomanry) Field Regt. Royal Artillery, 300122, Lieutenant, Son of William Henry Anstice, and of Anne May Anstice, of Islington, London, FORLI WAR CEMETERY, V, C, 15.

Obituary                                        Eulogy


Raymond Anthony and his wife Anthony, Raymond Joseph, 32, 27th August 1944, Royal Navy, H.M.S. Hussar, D/KX 133001 Stoker 1st Class, DSM, PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL, Panel 89, Column 3.

Plymouth's Royal Naval Memorial                  HMS Hussar                     SWA report                    Roll of Honour

HMS Hussar was sunk by "Friendly Fire" after being attacked by RAF Typhoon ground attack aircraft. HMS Britomart was also sunk in the same air attack.


Antill, Alfred Mansfield, 28th June 1915, 2nd Bn., South Wales Borderers, 18889, Private, TWELVE TREE COPSE CEMETERY, Sp. Mem. A. 91.




Appleby, T, 37, 22nd April 1918, 60th Div. Ammunition Col., Royal Field Artillery,  147898, Gunner, Son of Margaret Appleby, husband of, S. A. Lampitt (formerly Appleby), of 16, Cassau Rd., Newport, Mon., Native of Edinburgh, ALEXANDRIA (HADRA) WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERY, F. 129.


H Archer Archer, H C, 8th October 1918, 1st Bn., Monmouthshire Regiment, 2nd Lieutenant, SEQUEHART BRITISH CEMETERY No.1, A. 4.





GKN (Rogwerstone) memorial Arkinstall, James, 17, 25th April 1915, 1st Bn. Monmouthshire Regiment, 1801, Rifleman, Son of William and Mary Helen Arkinstall, of 5, Jone's Terrace, Bassaleg, Mon.

Local memorial - GKN (Rogerstone) Memorial

Obituary Armitage, Charles Frederick, 32, 9th May 1915, 1st Bn. South Wales Borderers, 15405, Private, Son of Mrs. Mary Jane Armitage, of 36, Barrack Hill, Newport, Mon., LE TOURET MEMORIAL, Panel 14 and 15.

Local memorial - St Mary's church, Malpas and  WW1 memorial Malpas Community Centre

St Mary's church, Malpas memorial                              Malpas Community Centre memorial                              Memorial



Armstrong, Samuel, 47, 6th May 1917, Mercantile Marine, “S.S. “Alfalfa” (London), First Mate, Son of the late Joseph and Wellamena Armstrong, husband of, Johanna Armstrong, of Dinleigh House, Caerleon Rd., Newport, Mon. Born at Aldershot, TOWER HILL MEMORIAL.



  Arnold,  A, 2nd January 1916, 1st Bn, Bedfordshire Regiment, 27892, Private, NEWPORT (ST. WOOLOS) CEMETERY, CON, D8. 233

Pennington Court Arthur, Edgar, 24, 9th October 1942, Merchant Navy, S.S. Pennington Court, Able Seaman, Son of Richard and Margaret Arthur of Newbridge, Mon., TOWER HILL MEMORIAL, Panel 80.



Thomas Arthur Arthur, Thomas, 38, 9th May 1917, 8th Bn. South Wales Borderers, 14599, Serjeant, husband of Minnie Arthur, of "Silverton," 7, Pentonville, Newport, Mon., KARASOULI MILITARY CEMETERY, E. 1061.

Local memorial - Newport Athletic Club

NAC Memorial Gates                                        Obituary


Memorial Arundell, Henry Rudolf, 34, 15th April 1917, 1st/4th Bn., Gloucestershire Regiment, 203275, Private, husband of H. R. Arundell of 2 Oxford St., Maindee, Newport, Mon., STE. MARIE CEMETERY, LE HAVRE, Div 3. N. 14.



  Ash, James, 21st April 1917, 12th Bn. South Wales Borderers, 23907, Private, THIEPVAL MEMORIAL, Pier and Face 4 A.


George Ashord's headstone Ashford, George, 29, 23rd October 1947, 449 Bty., 68 (1st Rifle Bn. The Monmouthshire Regt.) Searchlight Regt. Royal Artillery, 4077585, Gunner, Son of Violet Ashford, of Newport, Mon,. NEWPORT (ST. WOOLOS) CEMETERY, CON. D32. 109.

Roll of Honour Ashford, William Mervyn, 18, 1st March 1945,  4th Bn. Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 14817794, Fusilier, REICHSWALD FOREST WAR CEMETERY, 51. F. 16

Ashmore, John Barrett, 7th February 1944, Royal Army Medical Corps, 127349, Captain, TAUKKYAN WAR CEMETERY, 4. E. 8.

  Astbury, George Benjamin, 59, 8th April 1941, Civilian War Dead, Civilian, Husband of E. Astbury, of 21 Tre-ap-gwilym, Cardiff Road, Newport, Mon., Died at locomotive sheds, Ebbw Junction NEWPORT (ST. WOOLOS) CEMETERY, CON. B71. 50.


Samuel Aston Aston, Samuel, 8th October 1918, 16th Bn Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 93988, Private, BOIS-DES-ANGLES BRITISH CEMETERY, CREVECOEUR-SUR-L'ESCAUT, II. A. 1.

Local memorial - Lysaght's (Orb) Steelworks

Lysaght's (Orb) Steelworks memorial                                        Obituary


Thomas Aston Aston, Thomas Edward, 2nd September 1918, 10th Bn. South Wales Borders, 32185, Private, 38, Magor Street, Newport, Mon., VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIAL, Panel 6.




  Atkins, James, 15th January 1915,  2nd Bn. Highland Light Infantry 8853, Private, LE TOURET MEMORIAL, Panel 37 and 38. 1.



Obituary Atkins, Trevor Francis, 19, 2nd March 1944, 2/6th Bn. The Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey), 14623344, Private, Son of Henry Richard and Margaret Ann Atkins of Newport, Mon., BEACH HEAD WAR CEMETERY, ANZIO, XX. A. 1.

Eulogy                                        Roll of Honour



Attewell, R J, 41, 22hd September 1918, 1st Bn. Kings Shropshire Light Infantry, 27355, Private, Son of Harry and Hannah Marie Attewell, of Christchurch, Newport, Mon., husband of Ceila Attewell, of 39, Dunraven St., Aberkenfig, Bridgend, Glam., BRIE BRITISH CEMETERY, I .C. 3.


Attewell, W J, 19, 20th October 1918, "B" Coy. 38th Bn. Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), 136553, Private, Mrs E R Attewell 59 Morden Road, Newport, Mon, CROSS ROADS CEMETERY, FONTAINE-AU-BOIS

Local memorial - St Julian's High School and Havelock Street Presbytarian church

St Julian's High School memorial                              Havelock Street Presbytarian church                              Obituary


World War One memorial Attwood, John, 19, 19th September 1918, 9th Bn.  King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), 36679, Private, Son of William and Annie Attwood of 34, Potter St., Pill, Newport, Mon., DOIRAN MEMORIAL

Local memorial - St Mary's and St. Michael's RC churches

St Michael's memorial                              Memorial                              Memorial


Obituary Attwood, Reginald William, 8th November 1943, Royal Army Ordnance Corps, 10532269, Private, PONTYPOOL (PANTEG) CEMETERY, Plot D. Grave 60.
Roll of Honour

HMHS Glenart Castle Attwood, William C J, 26th February 1918,  Mercantile Marine, H.M.H.S. "Glenart Castle" Able Seaman, TOWER HILL MEMORIAL




Memorial Austin, Charles, 18, 1st July 1916, 1st Bn. Monmouthshire Regiment, 3482, Rifleman, THIEPVAL MEMORIAL, Pier and Face 16 B.



Missing Austin, Charles Edward, 55, 22nd October 1942, Merchant Navy, S.S. Empire Turnstone, Chief Engineer Officer, husband of Edith Agnes Austin of Newport, Mon., TOWER HILL MEMORIAL, Panel 46.



William Austen's headstone Austen, William Robert, 38, 23rd February 1917, 10th Labour Bn. The King's (Liverpool Regiment), 65584, Private, Husband of Emily Austen, of 2, Sidney St., Newport, Mon., NEWPORT (ST. WOOLOS) CEMETERY, FCD. 17. 181


  Austwick, Nicholas, 59, 15th November 1916,  Mercantile Marine, S.S. "Lorca"Second Engineer, husband of Alice Mary Austwick of 5 Bedford Rd., Newport, Mon., TOWER HILL MEMORIAL



Joseph Avery Avery, Joseph Francis, 20, 31st July 1917, 10th Bn. Welsh Regiment, Second Lieutenant, Son of Andrew James and Rosalea S. Pitre Avery, of Quinla La Primavera, Quilmes, Argentina., NO MAN'S COT CEMETERY, B. 4.

Local memorial - St Mary's RC church

World War One memorial                    Obituary                   Memorial                    


Les Avery Avery, Leslie Ernest Francis, 19, 24th February 1945, Merchant Navy, S.S. Oriskany, Sailor, Son of Frederick Henry and Gladys Avery of Newport, Mon., TOWER HILL MEMORIAL, Panel 76
Local Memorial - St. Thomas's Church

Frank Plaister (left) and Les Avery.               WW2 memorial               Les Avery               Missing               Obituary

        Frank Plaister (left) and Les Avery 


Francis Ayers Ayers, Francis Stanford, 33, 8th June 1940, Royal Marines, H.M.S. Glorious, PLY/22580, Marine, Francis Hubert and Elizabeth Ayers of Raglan Street, Newport, Mon., PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL, Panel 43, Column 1

Local memorial - St Julian's High School

 Plymouth's Royal Naval Memorial                   St Julian's High School memorial                    Obituary                    HMS Glorius            

Roll of Honour Aylesbury, Herbert John, 61, 9th October 1942, Merchant Navy, S.S. Pennington Court, Boatswain (Bosun), TOWER HILL MEMORIAL, Panel 80.

Roll of Honour                                        Pennington Court


  Ayre, Frank Austin, 47, 15th September 1941, Merchant Navy, S.S. Empire Eland, Chief Officer, husband of Edith Gwendoline Ayre of Newport, Mon., TOWER HILL MEMORIAL, Panel 40.


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