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16th December 2023

Two new casualties added, John Meredith Taylor andErnest Frank Davies. More photos of casualties, headstones and memorials also added.



18th November 2022

Eight new casualties added. Herman Gooding, W Wakefield, Stanley Williams, Tom Ledge, John Jarrett, Charles Gray, E H Martin, Thomas Hale and Charles Bright. Some new photographs of casualties added and of memorials on family graves at St. Woolos cemetery supplied by Mark Hewinson.



9th July 2021

One new casualty added, Bohdan Anders. One casualty photo added, G A Groom and three memorial headstone photos added.



11th May 2021

Three new casualties added, Trevor David, Reg Pearson and Henri Littaye, a decorated French sea captain, name in the Allied section. 34 photographs of memorials to the war dead on family graves, courtesey of  Mark Hewinson and three casualty photos added.



26th December 2020.

Three new casualties added, Mendle Cohen, William Husband and Olof Herman Jonsson. Nine new casualty photos added and 23 headstone and family memorial photos  allso added.



27th June 2020.

One new casualty added, three photos and other grave photos also added,



30th April 2020

More headstone photos added as well as four photos of  casualites, Guido Conti, F J Howell, Trevor Moore and k A Pinchin. One new casualty Jamrs McDonald added as he was murdered in Newport's Athletic club in 1919 whilst on active service.



1st December 2019.

Three casualty names added and a number of casualty and headstone photos also added.



10th October 2019.

Some more Newport casualty names added and those from elsewhere that died and are buried at St. Woolos cemetery. As they are now technically Newport's war dead, I have added their names. Updated the grave reference numbers of those at St. Woolos from the priginal CWGC listings as they didn't make much sense and should now be easier to locate if you have a mp of the grave layout.



28th September 2019

Over 50 headstone photographs and a number of casualty photographs added.



29th June 2019.

Numerous photos mainly of headstones  with some casualty photos and bits of informatio added.



7th February 2019

Two new casualties added and a number of photographs of casuatues and headstones added.



16th November 2018

Three more casualties added as well as a small number of caualty photos and photos of headstons, death plaques and some documents.



3rd November 2018.

More casualty images added and more headstone photos.



28th October 2018.

One casualty photo added, more headstone ohotos, letters from Albert Sockett and pages from thebible of Job William White also added to their entries.



18th October 2018

Some photos of headstones and casualties added.



14th September 2018.

More photos of headstones and ships added.



12th September 2018.

Five new casualty images added plus a number more of headstone.



4th September 2018.

Futher photographs of casualties and headstones added to the web site.




22nd June 2018.

More photos of two casualties added, Herbert Beckett and Raymond Cruickshank. Morephotos of headstones added.



2nd May 2018.

Some more casualties names added and other various photographs.



27th April 2018.

More photos of casualties, headstones, ships, etc. added.



21st January 2018



1st December 2017

24 new casualties added. These are men not from Newport but men who died and were buried in Newport and will forever be Newport's war dead.



4th November 2017

Quite a number of photographs of headstones, a number of casualties and some others added.



23rd August 2017.

New photograph of James Edward Lusted added as well as more photographs of graves and ships.



9th July 2017

More headstone and other photographs added.



5th April 2017.

Two new casualties added, Bernard Davies and JohnRobe.



26th December 2016.

New casualty added, Craig Jeffery Pantry killed by the IRA on 2nd November 1991.



21st December 2016

Havelock Street Presbyterian Church war memorial added on the Memorials page. also a number of other photo's of headstones, ships and other information added.



21st November 2016.

Web site search box added to all web pages. Over the weeks a number of photographs and other items added to various individuals with more to come.



31st July 2016

Anumber of new photographs of the headstones and grave memorials added to some of the casualties entries.



20th April 2016

Photographs of the new memorial on the banks of the river Usk to the men of the Monmouthshire regiments that died at the Battle of the Frezenberg Ridge on the 8th May 1915 added. Also photographs of the wooden sculpture added to the Drill memorial on Stow Hill and also dedicated on the 8th May 2016. This sculpture depicts Cpt Harold Thorne Edwards and his stance against the German army on the 8th of May 1915.


6th March 2016

One new casualty added, Charles Edward Jones and a photograph of a hand drawn memorial to the boys of the YMCA Bible Class who served and died in WW1, This was drawn by a Newport artist and architect, Charles Compton and the photo was sent to me by Jeff Smith.


5th January 2016

One new casualty added, Harold Martin Lucroft, crew member of the SS. Empire Whale.



25th November 2015

Photo's added of the graves of Lester and John Hill, a father and young son killed in an air raid on 31st May 1941 and Frederick Powles and William Warrington casualties of WW1, all buried at the St. Woolos cemertery.



23rd October 2015

New casualty added, Alan Coughlan died 28th October 1974.



16th October 2015

One new casualty added, Frederick Theobald.



22nd September 2015.

New photo ofLeslie Simmonds added and a photo of the grave of F. Blunt.



21st September 2015

Two new photo's of James Craddock added and three photos of a grave at St. Woolos cemetery with a memorial to Herberrt John Jones.



14th July 2015

New photo of Andrew Slattery added.



19th May 2015

Three new casualties added, William John Carney, Thomas Henry Griffiths, Hubert Harbon Taylor,



15th March 2015

Four new casulaties added, A H Collings, A Haycock, J Millwater and I C Woolcock.



26th February 2015

Two names of German soldiers that died in Newport in world war one and were initially buried at St. Woolos cemetery added. Both these mens bodies as well as the three German airmens bodies who died  here in world war two have been reinterred at the German war cemetery at Cannock Chase.



23rd February 2015

Photograph of the Heinkel 111P2 bomber that crashed onto 32 Stow Park Avenue added. Taken in 1939 and it looks like at least one of the crew Johannes Elster who died when it crashed is on the far left of the photo.


2nd February 2015

Two new photographs of Arthur John Pope added and the delipadated fgamily grave of Norman Newland which has a memorial to him inscribed on it.



15th January 2015

One new casualty added, Ernest Binding, born Newport 1890, moved to West Wales with wife.



8th January 2015

Photograph of William Louis Victor Simpson added.



3rd December 2014

New photograph of the Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds, Rogerstone memorial added.

Thirteen new casualties added found on the GKN (Rogerstone) Memorial. Some may be listed alredy but without further information to specifically identify them, then they have to be treated as new casualties. They are, W Bennellick, A Bowman, G Dabbs, J Davies, J Dawson, E A Dorkings, S Ford, F Jones, J Lyndon, E Parrish, J Tierney and J White.


2nd November 2014

Four new casualties added, Arthur Gomer, died from injuries received in 1918 after the cut-off date of 31st August 1921 and Emily Wilson (nee Green) and her two children Frank and Dorethy who drowned when the Lusitania was torpedoed on 7th May 1915.



16th October 2014

One new casualty added, Charles Edward Friend and fourteen names from the Lysaghts memorial also added, J Cousins, J Doughty, T A Geary, G green, J Henry, J Johnson, R Johnson, J Salter, T Shea, R Stewart, H Streeter, G Sumner and R Taylor.



30th August 2014

New photograph of Harold Frederick Davies added. Harold was killed whwn HMS Matebele was sunk.



21st August 2014

Albert Victor Logan a new casulaty added.



9th August 2014

Two new casualties added. James Arkinstall and E R Turner.



19th July 2014

Added Annie Elizabeth Brewer, not technically a recognised war dead casualty but deservidly needs to be considered as one becuase of the service you gave to King and Country annd to France.



9th June 2014

Many more photo's of ships and RAF badges added.



25th May 2014

75 new WW2 casualties added, W G Adams, F Allimonakis, A E Amman, K S Ball, R H Beer, C L Belcher, R T Bennett, L O Bevan, W G F Bevan, A F Birley, K H Brittle, D T Brown, W A Bullock, H E Chandler, A Clarke, V J T Cooke, H W Cosson, J W Craddock, J G Daniels, E D C Davies, W Davies,  C S Davies, L A Davies, D L Donovan, C Duffy, D R Evans, R C Evans, A P Evans, E S Evans, C W Fulbeck, P Golightly, M H Good, R W Gullick, S J Hale, F Harris, J Hogan, T J Hopkins, W F Humberstane, J Hutchison, W Impey, W Isaac, H A James, R Jeffries, R Johnson, H J Lavender, S W Lawrence, A W Lovell, E Meredith, A J Meredith, R Morgan, C B Morgan, D Morris, T E Oldfield, T C Osborne, G Pernarowski, S J Riding, K W Shipp, D K C Sims, R S P Smith, W C Smith, E A Smith, R C Smith, F B Spellman, M Sproule, G L Stewart, E J F Vick, E B Watkins, R E G Wensley, N C Whitaker, M C W Wiles, D L Williams, D Williams, J Williams, C R Wood and H Wright.



11th May 2014

138 new WW1 casualties added to database.

E H Allan, J Allen, S Anami, T Appleby, S Armstrong, R Attewell, D Bacon, J H Bargery, W N Beer, J Beer, G Bethel, W J Blake, W G C Bowen, F Bradshaw, J Breeze, E Brooks, W Broughton, E Bryant, J H Burt, T W Busfield, C Butt, F W Buttle,  C R J Campbell, F Collier, C Couch, H Cummings, E Daley, N T Daniel, L Dare, W A Davies, A H Davies, C G Dean, H R Dewar, W J Donovan, A Dring, H G Dutton, H Dyer, E Dyer, J Ebbright, J M Elliott, F A Elliott, G N Espeland, A Evans, P T Evans, H J Ford, G Franks, F Garcia, W G S Gardner, J A Gore, C Greenwood, C Gregory, L H Griffen, W J Gullick, A P Hall, H W Hancock, M Hansen, A Harding, A S W Hardy, A H H Harmer, F J Harris, H Heybyrne, T E Hooper, T Hopkins, W Hopkins, T Hopkins, W H Hughes, W J Hughes, N James, G F James, E James, B Jenkins, A Jenkins, H Jones, T Jones, A J Jones, E Jones, W Jordan, T Keefe, T Kift, F Land, J L Lewis, C R Limberry, G H Lixton, T E Lloyd, J E Lusted, D Martinez, J McPherson, J W Merriman, H Morgan, D V Murphy, J O'Leary, W E Packer, E Parker, S Peake, J H Peters, W G Pitt, A W Pope, H Preece, J Price, R H Read, R S Rees, A E Rees, J Regan, I Richards, E T Richards, F Rideout, W G Simmons, C I Skelton, S J Smith, S Stokes, W T Thomas, A Thomas, R W Thompson, J Touliatos, W Trevorrow, E Troath, W A Trotman, J E Tucker, W T Turner, W Vaughan, A Villeneuve, E F W Waite, R Waters, O C Waters, D G Webster, S G West, W P Whitaker, G P White, C J Wilkie, G Williams, J C Williams, M E Williams, J Williams, A E Williams, H J Wood, G Workman.



17th March 2014

Three new casualties added, George Widowfield, William Henry Hopkins and Christopher Thomas Verrinder



23 January 2014

Four photo's added of family graves at St Woolos cemetery with memorials to family members who died in WW1. They are RM Duncanson, SR Duncanson, FL Hathway, AP Jones and H Parkes. My thanks to Mark Hewinson for the photo's.



22nd January 2014

17 years old Stephen Broderick addes as a new casualty.



26th December 2013

Pages of the the World War Two Roll of Honour book held at Newport Reference Library added.



30th November 2013

New photo of James Vickery added.



27th November 2013

Some photo's of family graves in St Basil's church, Bassaleg that have memorials to family members killed in WW2. The men are John Angus Basham, Winston Seymor Berry, William Henry Harvey and Stanley Sayce.



24th November 2013

Three new casualties added, Roland Barkus, W R Williams and William Thomas Williams.



23rd November 2013

Photo's of the WW2 memorial in St Thomas's church. Maesglas added.



27th October 2013

Photographs of Idris Victor Tamplin added



2nd October 2013


Two new casualties added, Charles Cooling and W Jones (8th May 1915). Three new photograghs of casualties added,  E Bowden, H T Edwards and A G Kimber. Also 13 photographs of headstones.



26th September 2013

Details of Percival Cecil Windsor Evans and Harold Colin Lawrence updated and photographs of Harold Lawrence and his grave also added.



4th September 2013

Photographs of the memorials and Standards along with other objects held in the Mission to Seafarers at Newport Docks added to the Memorials web page.



16th August 2013

St. Stephen's and Temple Street memorial thumbnails and links added to the names listed on them.



15th August 2013

Three new names added to the casualty list from the Old Temple Street Boys memorial although I haven't added their numbers to the total casualty figure as I suspect they are already listed. They are Samuel French, Thomas Hale and William Perry



13th August 2013

WW1 memorial in St. Stephen's church, Pill added and also the memorial from the Old Temple Street school, Pill that is held in St. Stephen's chutch also added.



11th May 2013

New casualty added, Albert Cording. Details of Robert Vernon price upadted and new photographs of grave ave and death plaque added to to Oliver Beddow's entry.



27th April 2013

Three new photographs added od A E Sealey, D L Webb and H R Lewis.



20th April 2013

One new casuaulty added, Alfred Broome and the Maindee Conservative Club memorial to members lost in World War Two.



24th March 2013

Wilfred Ball aged 17 added.



21st March 2013

World War One memorials from the Summerhill Batish Church added along with photographs  of the casualties named.



8th March 2013

Two new casualties G W Hipkiss and P Holbrook added.



4th March 2013

New photographs of the Cruickshank family added. Father and brother in WW1 and son in WW2.



2nd March 2013

Photograph of the memorial in St. Julian's Methodist church added.



27th February 2013

Photograph of David James Thomas, father of Leslie Thomas, Newport's famous author added. Photo of the Havelock Street Presbytarian church war memorial added. This plaque was originally erected in Newport's Central Hall.



5th February 2013

New colour photograph of Gerald Jones and six other pilots of 257 Squadron RAF added.

It was taken at RAF Warmwell on the 13th May 1943.



13th November 2012

Photographs of the memorials to the 18th Newport Scout Group that used to hang in the Wesleyan church, Commercial Road, Newport added.

Many thanks to Wayne Gibbon for the images.



2nd November 2012

Seven new casualties added, C W Blackley, R Bryant, G Eaves, R Paul, F E Ryder, W G Slate and P J Vickery. 37 memorials added, all from the Argus's July - December 1947. This is the end of the time for official WW2 war deaths.



20th October 2011

Six new casualties added, T Davies, TB Davies, WO Griffiths, LF Hughes, M Jones and AS Radford. 37 memorials added from the Jan - June 1947 Argus's.



22nd September 2012

11new casualties added. J Fear, WIJ Frost, R Griffithe, WT Harley, LG Ledger, CA Morgan, AN Nicholls, BJ Peverelle, SH Preece, FE Ryder and MS Williams.

156 Obituaries and memorials including one memorial from the Vulcan Hotel to its customers lost in war



20th August 2012

21 new casualties added, AO Allsopp, WM Ashford, S Blanchard, J Coslett, F Cotterell, T Fitzpatrick, WHB Hart, WA Harris, B Hourihane, A Jayne, OE Jerrett, A Laign, AC Lang, WH Leyland, G Munday, J Noakes, T Reilly, JM Taylor, J Thomas, LW Wade and ET Watkins.

124 Obituaries and Roll of Honour's added.



27th July 2012

229 new obituaries. Roll of Honour etc. added.

32 new causalties added, FH Blake, HL Bowen, JB Cornick, JT Edward, WB Evans, JG Evans, JHR Gibbs, KH Gilbert, MRF Harris, TR Horton, FJ Howell, S Lampree, D Lawson, HC Lewis, CW Lightwood, ET Mann, JC Moore, FW Morgan, GAO Oliver, TM Park, P Patterson, RE Pice, JE Roberts, VL Roberts, LG Smith, MJ Sullivan, F Thomas, G Watkins, G Williams, M Williams, NL Winson and F Wyatt.



8th July 2012

Two new photographs of Edward Truman added.



20th June 2012

Edward George Truman RAF added. Died 23rd September 1943



23rd May 2012

Photograph's of John Frederick Smith, the Home Guard killed in the Bombing on 1st July 1941.



21st May 2012

New photographs of the Moss and Rees children who died when the City of Benares was sunk added.



19th April 2012

Sapper Connor Ray, died 18th April 2012 from injuries received in Afghanistan.



12th April 2012

274 new obituaries, Roll of Honour's, etc added.

17 new casualties added, W I Belcher, I Birden, J M Deane, W J Edwards, J P Feruga, H W James, T Jenkins, F G Joblin, R J G Jones, W J Luffman, J E Ryan, V C Sherring, E G Thomas, J H Walter, R T Weeks, D H Wheeler and J A Young.

All from between Jan - June 1945



7th April 2012

Eight new casualties added, Leslie Deakin, John E Hatch, Reginald A James, James J R Langley, Arthur J Parry, Thomas J Pavey, Herbert P C Seignot and John H Walter.

31 new images of casualties between Jan - June 1945 added.



11th February 2012,

71 new images of casualties from July - December 1944 added.

Eleven casualties added, W I Belcher, S Broderick, A Coughlan, W C Durstan, H G Miller, D G Mole, J H Moores, J T Newey, G W Phillips, W Saunders and L G Smith.


19th January 2012

New photo ( Mike Deacon) of William Gorton's grave in the Workington (Harrington Road) Cemetery added.


16th January 2012

New images of the Cruikshank family added and one George V Smith.



29th December 2011

J T Newey  added to names.



20th December 2011

All below published between Jan - Jun 1944

250 new obituaries and Roll of Honours, etc added.

32 new casualties added, J B Ashmore, A W Berry, A E Bowen, B G Capel, F W Cousins, W C Daly, M Davies, C B Evans, C L T Greening, H G Henry, D C Howells, G J Hunt, R C Ivin, C A V Jeffreys, H C Lawrence, L Mais, A Morgan, R W G Morgan, J S Norbury, C T Parker, G A Peacock, J Reardon, W H Richards, R G Sharp, J J Smith, J Thompson, L R Thompson, D H Wheeler and R Williams.



16th December 2011

37 images of casualties published between Jan - Jun 1944 added.



25th November 2011

13 new casualties added, R W Attwood, J C M Brown, W C Jenkins, A G Kempster, S Lucas, A I Mugford, G L Nevison, W J Nicholas, H E Pope, D P Sullivan, A J Thomas, R H P Thomas and C G Williams.

243 obituaries, RoH's etc added up to December 1943.



21st November 2011

Nine casualties added. R L Colverson, J W Forrest, D Lloyd, P G Lloyd, J A O'Brien, V N G Ralph, G E Rickard, L J Simpson and F E Sulley.

65 casualty images added all between June and December 1943



20th November 2011

Photographs of the Langstone Village Hall  memorial to those that died from the village.

Photographs courtesy of Mr Gerard Hancock



13th November 2011

Noel White from Langstone added.



12th November 2011

Leonard Williams from Caerleon added.



30th October 2011

Six new casualties added, F E M Hicks, T E D James, A C Jones, A W Lane, H C Pearce and G Smith.

145 obituaries, RoH etc added



26th October 2011

Five new casualties added, T Blackburn, T Dumayne, T Lawery, W Locke, T Tasker and 50 new images.


13th October 2011

Six new casualties added, J E D Brewer, B D Davies, C M Edwards, T Lawery, J Shine and H A Wilson.

113 Obituaries and Roll of Honour's added.



27th September 2011

Three new casualties added, L F J Lowe, T S Chappell and G Roberts. 37 new photographs added up to December 1942



17th September 2011

Gimlett family photo's updated



4th September 2011

Six casualties added, R Lowe, T Williams, J Boyd, I Chance, D McVey and C Pritchard.

44 images of casualties from late 1941 to June 1942 added.



11th August 2011

Three new casualties added, Ethel Nickels born Newport 1885 and her daughter Denise and also Edmund Taylor born Newport 1909.



9th August 2011

Ten new casualties, James Cooper, Marlene Corlett aged 5, Joseph Healey, Frank Hopkins, Albert Lester, Garnet Shore fireman killed in Coventry blitz, Anthony Sitheras, John Stonehouse, Alban Thomas and Edward Williams.

165 obituaries, memorials, etc added from 1941



3rd August 2011

51 new photographs of casualties in 1941 added.



21st July 2011

17 new casualties added, both services and Newport civilians killed elsewhere in the country along with family members.

E Brester, P W Brennan, A J Coad, V J Dixon, J H Howlett, E F Parish, R E Ricks, S J S Wilson and L Young.

The civilians, M E Fitzgerald, D E James, E Reardon, L P Sullivan, N Sullivan, E Sullivan, E E Wadlow and P J Wadlow.



19th July 2011

38 new photographs added of casualties between Oct. 1940 - Mar 1941. The majority are those of merchant navy casualties.



5th July 2011

Two new casualties added, T C Roden and E J Gabb. 48 obituaries etc and 10 photographs of WW2 casualties also added.



25th June 2011

Photo of Arthur John Pope added.



16th June 2011

One new casualty, W H Jenkins and five casualty photo's added. Also four obituaries all from WWII



13th June 2011

Photographs of the memorial in Llanthewey Road Baptist Church now the Burleigh Academy added.



12th June 2011

New photograph of Frank Hicks added



9th June 2011

One new photograph added of A Moore. Nine obituaries and memorials as well as a video film of Newport's D-Day parade in the video section.



6th June 2011

One new casualty, J Gill and 42 memorials added. This concludes my research into the WW1 deaths and memorials section of the South Wales Argus. I will now begin on the WW2 Argus sections.

Note: the Argus memorials to Hammond Tregay Wyett seem to to relate to the entry on the CWGC website to Hammond Tregay Bunn both of which are listed now on this web site.



1st June 2011

36 memorials added and three new casualties, E W Horley, E Thomas and J Tutton.



23rd May 2011

Twelve new casualties, J W Barratt, A Berry, S Chilcott, W Cook, G O Dumayne, A H Evans, T W P Herbert, H G Jones, G M Maxwell, H P King, A Lovell and W J Nethercott,

120 memorials added.



15th May 2011

89 memorials from WW1 added.

Five new casualties, E R Berry, A R Davis, T J Hall, A A Morgan and J Stevens



9th May 2011

155 WW1 memorials added.

Nine new casualties, W Blackwell, G Dix, T Kempster, W M James, W Lawrence, T O'Neil, C Pearson, G E Thomas and V R White.



7th May 2011

New photographs of Thomas Santwris and his grave added



27th April 2011

New casualty added, Raymond John Sims, RAF.



26th April 2011

Details of the deaths of Dennis Hicks, Cyril Walters and Arthur Wreford have been updated with information from Mr Billy McGee.



9th April 2011

New casualty, Edward Canlan, merchant navy.



3rd April 2011

97 new memorials and obituaries added.

10 new casualties, A V Fox, S Griffin, I D Johnson, T Martin, W T Lacey, T J Lloyd, S Merryweather, I Richards, R W Stockwell and H Watts.



26th March 2011

New photographs of Albert Walkley added.



6th March 2011

Henry John Edward Brownett, new casualty added.

More photo's added to Amy Brown's entry



28th February 2011

Two new photo's added, Obadiah Baker and Martin Erzeneek.



26th February 2011

Photo of Amy Brown added to her details. Amy I believe is the only service woman from Newport to die as a result of enemy action in WW2.



15th February 2011

Been a bit quiet lately as I had some other work to do but will start back soon.

The Marshes Road and Crindau school s memorial added.



14th January 2011

Three new photo's of the Boys Brigade memorial and the 8th of May painting found in the Civic Centre added



28th December 2010

Eighteen new casualty names added from the St Michael's church war memorial for both world wars.

The names are James Bickerstaff, John Bickerstaff, F Burke, W J Casey, B McDonnell, T Myles and T O'Neill for WW1 and D R Bray, J F Casey, S P Conlon, F D Crowley, T Doyle, A Gibson, W Lester, R J Murphy, A Slattery, J Williams and L J Williams for WW2



26th December 2010

Malpas Road Evangelical church memorial photo's added to the names on there.

Five new casualty names dded from the Roll of Honours from this church, T H Coffey, E Hopkins, J T Jones, T A Orphan and J H Dunsby.



25th December 2010

Photo of St Michael's war memorial added to the names listed on there.

There are 19 new names listed that are not on this web site and will added after further research.



12th December 2010

137 obituaries and memorials added.

Eight new casualties, H J Cook, T C Davies, J Goodman, N Grunnah, A Horton, P H Murray, E G Tarrant and W H Walters.



9th December 2010

Thomas John Pearce added.

Six new casualty photo's added



2nd December 2010

A new section, "Video's" has been added to the web site.



27th November 2010

Five new casualties added, W J H Bell, W S Berrow, W Howlett, D McNeil and Charles Williams.

90 obituaries and memorials added



26th November 2010

Eleven new casualty photo's added



21st November 2010

Four casualties added, H Davies, W Griffin, E J Tuck and L E Venmore. Five casualty photographs added and many more as well as many obituaries updated with slightly better quality images



18th November 2010

One new casualty added, G O'Neil. Five new photographs added

Photographs of the National Provincial Bank World War One memorial situated in the NatWest bank, Newport also added.



14th November 2010

Memorials from St Michael's and St Paul's churches added.



3rd November 2010

William Gallagher, new merchant navy casualty added.

Details of other merchant navy casualties updated courtesy of Mr Billy McGee



3rd November 2010

World War II memorial at Bassaleg Grammer School added



1st November 2010

One new casualty added, A J Williams and 24 new obituaries and memorials added.



30th October 2010

Photo's of V Daniels, H Voles and one of the news that Samuel Palmer is alive added.

Many others updated to slightly better quality



28th October 2010

Two new casualties added, A Wilson and I Jenkins both merchant seamen. Also details of four other merchant navy men updated, M Amaratos, A Carter, A Connop, C Morrishore and R Thompson.

Information supplied by Mr. Billy McGee



17th October 2010

Three casualties added, H Evans, D J Pintches and G F Vickery.

30 obituaries and memorials added and 65 obituaries and memorials updated to better qualty.



16th October 2010

One new casualty added C Cross.

50+ photographs updated to a slightly better quality and five new ones added.



4th October 2010

Many new obituaries and memorials added and others along with some casualty photo's updated to slightly better quality.

Six new casualties added, E E Hurn, A F Janson, A T Light, W S Malpas, T W Marsh and A A Morgan.



21st September 2010

Sgt. Andrew Jones, killed in Afghanistan on 18th September 2010

73 obituaries and memorials added



17th September 2010

Details of Frederick Tenow updated



16th September 2010

Two new casualties added, B C Shaw and C G Shaw. details updated for A W Williams.

Photo of the headstone of W J Kelsey and the plaque commemorating J D Witheridge both in the Glyn Taff cemetery and crematorium added. Photo of the plaque also added to the memorials web page.



12th September 2010

Photo's of the headstones of Dennis Heirene and Ivor Williams including a memorial to Stanley Rhys Williams in Cathays cemetery, Cardiff added



6th September 2010

153 new obituaries and memorials added. Nine casualties added, W H Evans, F Morris, J Murphy, W Murphy, V Price, F Rees, F G Richards, H E Sealey and A W Storrar.



3rd September 2010

Photographs of the new memorial to John Wallace (Tubby) Linton at the Malpas Court, Communities First Centre added to the Memorials web page




31st August 2010

Photograph of Frank Vincent Banwell's grave added



23rd August 2010

Eight new casualties added, G F Chivers, R Daly, T F Davies, N Jones, H G Stretton, W L C Tee, J Travers and O T White.

74 new obituaries and memorials added.



22nd August 2010

One new casualty added, William James Pollard.  Four photographs added and others updated.



15th August 2010

109 new obituaries and memorials added and 12 new casualties, Eli Adams who served and died as Frances Jones, F Blunt, G F Champion, Alfred Davies, S L Faithfull, W S Harvey, R R Hutton, C E Lewis, H J Rees, F W Strong, J Sullivan and J Turney



13th August 2010

Three photographs added and some others updated



9th August 2010

YMCA WW1 memorial plaque added to the Memorials web page.

New casualty added, Thomas Woore

Photographs and further information added to Giovanni Tambini's entry. Giovanni was killed when the SS Arandora Star was torpedoed in 1940. Giovanni was arrested at his business and home in Newport and sent to Canada as an internee and died during the subsequent sinking.


8th August 2010

80 new obituaries and memorial's added. Four new casualties, W Baker, A Jenkins, H Morgan and H Rowland added and a number of photographs updated.



16th July 2010

Two casualties added, J Murphy and I Price.

A number of photographs updated.



27th July 2010

Three casualties added, C Carlson, F G Padden and G T Willcocks.

14 obituaries added and some photographs updated



25th July 2010

Photograph and details of David Waters added



11th July 2010

Three casualties  added, S Flook, E Francis and A J Knapp. 27 obituaries and 27 photographs added or updated.



4th July 2010

Four new casualties added, Guido Conti, Antonio Rabaiotti, Giovanni Stellon and Giovanni Tambini. These are Newport's Italian internee's that died when the SS Arandora Star which was conveying them to a an internee camp in Canada was torpedoed and sunk on 2nd July 1940.



2nd June 2010

Ten obituaries  and ten photographs added.

Three new casualties, J Cain, A E Edmunds and H Morrill.



27th June 2010

19 new images and obituaries added for 1914 and one new casualty, J J Harrington



14th June 2010

90 new photographs of casualties added and 6 new names, E Evans, J Fletcher,  G T Thomas, A T Jones, W E Oakes  and A Walters.



12th June 2010

200 obituaries and memorials added to casualty names.

17 new casualties added, A J Bolton, R W Brown, G S Burley, Sgt. Cowell, W S Davies, J Duckam (alias for White), E Evans, F H Fortey, F A George, C Gibbs, A Harris, G Jones, W H Jones, F Mathias, F O Richards, S Sweet and T J Whatley.



2nd June 2010

Photographs of the memorials in the Malpas Road Evangelical Church added



30th May 2010

Photographs added of Newport's D-Day memorial and the river front memorial to John Wallace Linton, V.C., D.S.O., D.S.C., RN.


25th May 2010

18 photographs added of casualties in 1918.



24th May 2010

164 new obituaries and memorials added. 17 casualties added, C Austin, A Davies, E Edwards, A H Evans, W H Evans, J Fletcher, S Jackson, A T James, P H Jenkins, A H Jones, T T Jones, W Nelson, J Newland, 70 year old J Poole, S L Salathiel, W J Sidney and G Williams.



16th May 2010

One new casualty added, H J Hiscox, RAFVR



10th May 2010

10 photographs of casualties added and three casualty names, J Lewis, J Morris and W J Williams.



9th May 2010

139 memorials and obituaries added for men killed in WW1.

Eleven new casualties added, J Charlton, W Charlton, A Davies, A W Evans, H Hurley, C A Jenkins, S llewellyn, J McKim, F Robinson, E Rowlands and J B P Simms.



3rd May 2010

Photograph of the Royal British Legion Club added to the "Heinkel 111P2 bomber crash" web page in the SWA section.

It was here that Harry Wappler landed on his parachute when his aircraft crashed in Stow Park Avenue



2nd May 2010

Photographs of the WW1 and Boer war memorials in St. John the Baptist church on the Risca Road added, more to follow.

Seven new casualty names added to the database, WB Birt, CG Cox, DC Cox, S Cullimore, CV Lyne, EG Winter and RH Winter.



30th April 2010

Three new casualty names added, D George, T W A Legg and T J Maloney.



29th April 2010

Two photographs of the Malpas WW1 memorial added to the memorial web page.



28th April 2010

Eleven casualties added to the data base, 110 memorial and obituary clips from the SWA and 16 photographs of casualties.

The casualties are: W Andrews, F Beeston, H Castenie, W H Davies, R O Gladstone, J H Norris, W A Overend, F J Pollard , W C Tanner, W Wollan and H Woolrich.



24th March 2010

New casualty added, Herbert Thomas Keyes RN



22nd March 2010

New casualty added, Merchant seaman Martin Erzeneek



11th March 2010

Additional information added about the deaths of five young Newport merchant seaman aged 16 and under by permission of Mr Billy McGee from his book "They Shall Grow Not Old"

See "Young Service Casualties" web page



9th March 2010

Many photographs of the panels on Plymouths Naval memorial added to the casualties whose name appears on them.

These have  been added by the grateful permission of Mr Chris Goddard whose own web site can be viewed by Clicking Here.



23rd February 2010

Details of the death of James McCann added to his entry



12th  February 2010

Five ships photographs added to casualty list A and nine to casualty list C



10th February 2010

8 new photograph's of ship's added to both Royal and Merchant Navy casualties in list B



6th February 2010

One new casualty added, Thomas Wheater



20th December 2009

Two photo's added of Donald and Trevor Keyse



3rd December 2009

A poem attached to an original but highly deteriorated photo of Edward Brothwood added to his entry.



8th December 2009

Frederick Barker, a new casualty added



2nd December 2009

Entries from some of Newport High School registers added to Pat Griffiths, Robert Hammett, Myrtle Phillips and Stanley Stevens entries



29th November 2009

Six new casualties added from WW1 from information supplied by Steve Veysey who has also sent me some service notes on other RN men which have now been added to their entries.

The new casualties are, Francis Baker, John Christian, Wilfrid Griffiths, Arthur Hodges, Frederick Kelly and Alfred Orchard.

My thanks to Steve.

Some of the details concerning the escape from the Shaps Well Hotel in Cumbria of Harry Wappler, the Heinkel pilot brought down by the barrage balloon in Newport have been updated following information sent to me by Steve Simpson, manager of the Shaps Well hotel.



8th November 2009

Photographs of Newport's Cenotaph and Merchant Navy memorials added



2nd November 2009

New casualty added, Frederick A Taylor.

Fuller details of some casualties added in the letters M - Z



27th October 2009

Details of another Newport young casualty added, John William Lord, aged 16.

Some casualty details between the letters H - L now updated with the CWGC details



19th October 2009

Some casualty details between the letters A - G now updated with the CWGC details



13th October 2009

Photographs of memorials to some of its parishioners from St John's church, Maindee along with others of the military standards that are laid up in the church added to the Memorials web page



7th October 2009

New casualty with photographs added, Sydney Powell



6th October 2009

one new casualty added, E Mapstone and two new photographs



28th September 2009

New photo of William Inns added along with some religious cards kept with the photo



27th September 2009

Seven new casualties added, A Bennett, J Bailey, S Court, S James, E Morgan, S Palmer and G Vranch. Twenty new photographs also added.



15th September 2009

46 new photographs added of casualties from 1918. Thirteen new names added to the database, James Bailey, Richard Callear, Richard Cook, Fred Davies, T Harris, Henry John, Alex McPherson, Herbert Morgan, H J Morgan, W Pearce, I I Pearce, Theo Taylor and Albert Williams



28th August 2009

Two new casualties added, John Cashman and Arthur Davies. 38 photographs added including one and the story of Gertrude Dyer who was given a full military funeral.



22nd August 2009

Four new casualties added, Chas Bailey, A Beeston, M Sanders and R Silk. 47 photographs of casualties from 1916/17 also added



16th August 2009

Seven new casualties added from 1916, N Ball, J D Bevan, A Clutton, W J Hayes, A J Lewis, E J Thomas and P Watts. About sixty photographs also added with one of the nurse Alice Guy who died on active service in 1916



7th August 2009

About 35 new photographs added of casualties in 1915.

Twelve new casualties added, H C Adams, T Birch, W H Clarke, J E Davies, W J Dick, father, W J Dick, son, F Ellis, W Saunders, A A  Sullivan, W Sullivan, D J Waters and I Williams.



31st July 2009

Ten new casualties added, A Bates, W J Deakin, H R James, C Jones, D J Jones, N Mahoney, T G Rees, J T Simmonds, R Small and J W White.

Some casualty details updated and a  number of new photographs from the SWA added to the details for some casualties in mid 1915



27th July 2009

Newport High School entry register page added for W E Jackson



26th July 2009

Photograph of the grave of the parents of Donald and Trevor Keyse with a memorial to both their sons killed at sea whilst in the merchant navy.

My thanks to Maurice Keyse for the photograph


25th July 2009

Photograph of the war memorial in Shaftesbury Street Methodist church added and to the entries of the names that are on it.

Photo courtesy of Mr Derek Everett


14th July 2009

Numerous photo's added of some casualties lost between April and June 1915 taken from the South Wales Argus.

Five new casualties added to the list, F Moseley, Fred Morgan, E Rowlands, J Lawrence and F C Taylor



9th July 2009

New casualty added, William Albert James Dawes

A number of newspaper cuttings added to the following names, Cruikshank, Dawes, Dowling, Eichman, Evans, Fisher, Gardner, Hillier, Hinton, Kimber, Meredith, Morris, Muddle, Overend, Paul, Pearce, Riddle and Young.



8th July 2009

Three new casualty added, Reginald George Paul, Kenneth Ivor Frank Charteris Norman-Wright and William Pearce



30th June 2009

New casualty added, John Stanton.


29th June 2009

St Mary's RC memorial thumbnail picture's added to the casualties names of those I can find.

P J Davies, a new casualty added



28th June 2009

Memorial Scroll photo added to William Prosser's entry and photographs of the two world wars memorials in St Mary's Church, Stow Hill added.

Also photographs of the memorial to the drill hall that once stood in Stow Hill where many men were conscripted and sent off to war and also the once Old Contemtibles Club building which is now part of a night club in Stow Hill.

Look for these on the "Memorials" web page



25th June 2009

Photographs of William Prosser added along with one of his "Widow's" penny



22nd June 2009

Two new photographs of Ivor Ginello (Gineloer) added of him and his family



18th June 2009

Two new photo's added of Richard Stokes



15th June 2009

Six new casualties with graves at St Woolos added including Lilian Kate Jones



14th June 2009

Two new casualties added both buried at St Woolos cemetery, P Lynch from Dublin and J Sciberras from Malta. Photographs of their headstone and the headstone's of George H Jones, S J Jones, E Kerswell, K H Williams and A T Wright added.



12th June 2009

New headstone/grave photographs at St Woolos cemetery added of William Dallimore, Arthur Gibbon, G Gough, Francis Limbrick, Thomas Lloyd, Albert Pumford, George Salter, William Thomas, W Toms, William Williams.



3rd June 2009

Photo's of the graves at Christchurch cemetery added for both civilian and military casualties. The surnames are Baker, Bayliss, Bird, Comley, Dyer, Hipkiss, Hopkins, Jordan, Ley, Payne, Poole, Pratt, Richards, Vincent and Wade.



31st May 2009

Some newspaper cuttings added to the names of  John Hazell, Mervyn Howell, George Merrick, Hubert Owen, F Bennett, W C Dally, Frank Haines, Harold Hawkins, James Mansfield, Godfrey Stevens, Frank Thomas and Wilfred Worthy



30th May 2009

Photograph of Royston Charles Pugh added



27th May 2009

New information and photo supplied by Mr Billy McGee about the sinking of the SS San Demetrio on which gunner Bramwell Ludlow was killed



25th May 2009

Link added from the Home (first} page of this web site to some "clickable" First World War songs on the Veterans Affairs Canada web site. Listen to some of the songs that the soldiers and civilians of the day used to sing and listen too.



21st May 2009

Photographs of S G Fox and Mervyn Howell added. SWA stories of the deaths  of John Hazell, Hubert Owen and Sylvester Perez also added along with SWA story of the sinking of the SS Arlington Court with Thomas England on board.



14th May 2009

New photographs sent to me by the son of Charle Sellick also named Charles of the memorial with his dads name on at the MEDJEZ-EL-BAB memorial cemetery in Tunisia.


13th May 2009

Photographs of the Lysaght's War memorial and its re-dedication at its new home at the steelworks following development of the site where it was originally installed. Also added the memorial plaque to the employee's of Stewart and Lloyds which is also on the Lysaght's memorial.

All these photographs can be seen on the Public Memorials web page and also a link to photographs of the dedication service can be found under the Lysaghts memorial heading

Two new casualties added, Ronald Evan Walter Davies and William Reginald Gill



12th May 2009

Photo's of casualties Les Avery and Trevor Keyse and ship photo's of the SS Jersey City and SS Lady Glanely that Harry Gwyther and James Driscoll lost their lives in added.



9th May 2009

James Bernard Driscoll and Wybert Rowland Gwyther, two new casualties. Details for the death of Jack Glover also added.



28th April 2009

New photo's of George Ferris, Robert Wiggins and Raymond Anthony and his wife added.



26th April 2009

New casualty added, John Bartlett died 6th May 1918



21st April 2009

New "Update's" web page added.

Two new casualties added, A C Hillman and A J Green. New photo's of casualties added and some announcement's of death from the South Wales Argus for part of 1944 as well as details of two previous casualties added now that the correct spelling of their surnames has been found.




Shaun McGuire 2008