Newport's War Dead

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Dedicated to the war dead  of Newport City, Gwent formerly Newport, Monmouthshire lost in all confrontations.


The majority of names on this website have originally come from two Rolls of Honour books held at the Reference Library in Newport, Gwent. There is one for each world war and I recognise that there are mistakes in both of them which will be repeated here, as well as some names will be omitted unintentionally but can be rectified if I am informed.

The details supplied by both books have been supplemented by further information obtained from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website as well as the addition of photographs of the individuals if they can be obtained or of their graves or of a memorial in or containing their name.

It should be noted that with some names, I have been unable to find any trace of them on the CWGC website and other names seem to have little or no connection with Newport.

I trust the integrity of the original researchers and not knowing the criteria that they laid down to consider someone as being one of Newport's War Dead, I have not removed any of the original names as listed in both books. I have how ever found many more names that should have been included but were not and they are now in this data base.

"at the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them (by name)"

This web site recognises the work done by Mr Mike Etchells in compiling the names for the World War II book and a number of unknown Newport school teachers who complied the World War I book and without the effort that these persons put into their books, then this web site would not have happened.

I have now set up a sister web site listing the war dead of Cwmbran and District.

To visit this site    CLICK HERE

Also check out the Monmouthshire Warriors web site for photo's of those that served from the villages and towns on Monmouthshire.

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Listen to some of the songs from World War One by clicking HERE

The lists under the letters below gives the Surname, Christian names, Age, Date of Death, Service, Number, Rank, Awards (in bold text), Next of Kin, where buried or where listed on a memorial, grave number or plaque number and where else listed on a local memorial ie. school.

All the information is as known and will not be complete and I would welcome further information about any of these persons.

There are approximately (Revised) 3492 casualty names of Newport's war dead both military and civilian, 12 Allied casualties, 3 German war dead and 1 VC recipient's suicide (Read his story here) in this data base

The Newpor war dead consist of approxiamately 1841 WW1 deaths and 1491 WW2 deaths (16 September 2018)

Information about the persons from the Commonwealth War graves Commission website

and also

The Armed Forces Memorial Web site

Photographs of the Royal Naval Memorial in Plymouth are reproduced here with the kind permission of Mr Chris Goddard from his web site   Plymouth Naval Memorial [click link]

Photographs of the ships have been sourced from varuious searches of the internet as well as Old Ship Photo's etc.

Some information about the lads of the Merchant Navy aged 16 and under from Newport who died has come from Mr Billy McGee's book called "They Shall Grow Not Old" ISBN No. 978-0-9557441-3-6 and is reproduced with his kind permission.


If any information or photographs are used elsewhere from this web site or from my other web sites other than family membes of the casualties, but again if family members use them on other web sites, I would be grateful that you would recognise the sourceof the information that you found them on such as Newport's War Dead by Shaun McGuire. I have come across some people claiming my photographs as a resultof their own research.


Newport's Roll of Honour

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20th October 2007

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With special thanks to Dennis Taylor, Rogerstone for lending me his signed copy of Mike Etchells Roll of Honour WW2 book ,  Mr Ronald Pope at Christchurh cemetery, Newport for showing me where quite a number of war graves lie and pointing out some interesting facts that led me to some other unrecognised war dead, Mr Terry Underwood for the Gimlett photographs, Mr Ron Black at Newport's Synagogue, David Woolven for Newport High School casualties, Mr Stephen Hales for the Lysaght's (Orb) Steelworks memorial, Dennis Bennett for NAC and Newport Rugby Club memorials, Annita Ashurst and Mr John Spurrier-Davies, Mayors chaplain, Mr Steve Veysey for information about RN casualties in WW1, Mr Billy McGee for the amount of ships photographs that he sent me and for the information on a number of Newport MN seamen who died in war and are not recognised by the CWGC as war dead,  Mr Mark Hewinson for a number of memorial photographs and of the St Woolos cemetery plots, Mr Grahan Walters, especially all the families that have sent me photographs to add to the names of their loved ones and Mr Hilary Thornley of Pinner, Middlesex whose own research was one of the inspirations for this web site.

All remains with their owners


  Shaun McGuire 2008