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Newport's War Dead

formerly Newport, Monmouthshire, UK


Local Memorials


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Newport's Roll of Honour

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Newport's Cenotaph

The Cenotaph



Newport's Merchant Navy Memorial

MN memorial                    MN memorial                    MN memorial



Civic Centre Foyer

The South African War - Newport Servicemen and the Boys Brigade memorial

South African memorial                                        Boys Brigade memorial


Painting The Eighth of May (1915) by Fred Roe

This painting depicts Cpt. Harold Thorne Edwards firing his revolver at advancing German troops. Cpt. Edwards was offered the chance of surrendering to the Germans but replied with the words "Surrender be damned"

Unforunatly the painting is behind glass and because of reflections is difficult to photograph and so have been taken and cute angles to minimise the reflections.


8th of May 1915                                        8th of May 1915




8th of May Ypres memorial.

This new memorial located on the bank of the river Usk near to the Transporter bridge was dedicated to the men of the Monmouthshire regiments who during the 2nd Battle of Ypre and the Battle of the Frezenberu Ridge which took place between the 22nd April 1915 and 25th May 1915 gave their lives. In particular to about 85 Newport men who died on the 8th May, probably the largest casualties suffered in a single day by ant Welsh city or town.

This new memorial was dedicated on the 8th May 2015 on the 100th anniversary of the deaths of many Monmouthshire regiment men.


Ypre memorial                      Ypre memorial                    Ypre memorial                    Ypre memorial




D-Day memorial in High Street and River front memorial to John "Tubby" Linton V.C., D.S.O., D.S.C., RN.


D-Day memorial                    Plaque                    Memorial to John Wallace Linton                    Plaque



The Drill Hall memorial, Stow Hill and the former Old Contemptible's Club now part of a night club in Stow Hill


TA Drill Hall memorial                                        former Old Contemptibles club

On the 8th of May 2015, a new wooden sculpture was added to the drill hall memorial depicting Cpt. Harold Thorne Edwards and his stance against the advancing German army. The scene on this sculpture is taken from Fred Roe's painting entitled "Surrender be Damned"





Gaerwood House Memorial, Kensington Place

This memorial is in memory of Albert Searle and his house keeper Daisy Frances Pouncy.

It is laid on the exact spot of Gaerwood House which took a direct hit from a German bomb 1st July 1941 killing both Albert, Daisy and raising the house to the ground.

Site of Gaerwood House                           Memorial plaque 



St Woolos Cemetery

Cross of Sacrifice

Cross of Sacrifice



St. Woolos Cathedral

to the Monmouthshire Regiment, South Wales Borderers, all Welsh Service men and women and worshippers

Memorial to the Monmouthshire Regiment                               Memorial to the Monmouthshire Regiment                               Memorial to the Monmouthshire Regiment

Memorial to the South Wales Borderers                               Memorial to the South Wales Borderers

Roll of Honour to worshippers



All Saints Church, Brynglas, Newport


Names on the memorial                              All Saints memorial                             



St Mary's Church, Malpas

Some memorials in St Mary's church, Malpas, one to the dead parishioners in world war one, two to Freke Prothero kilied in South Africa during the Boer war and one to Ralph Wiseman-Clarke

Roll of Honour world war one               Stained glass window memorial to Freke Prothero               Memorial to Freke Prothero               Memorial to Ralph Wiseman-Clarke



Shaftesbury Street Methodist church


WW1 asualties                                        WW2 casualties

WW1                                                   WW2    

Photographs by Mr Derek Everett



Malpas Road Evangelical Church

Roll of Honour WW1               Memorial table to John Trevor Jones               Plaque on Memorial table               Roll of Honour WW2

WW1 memorial                 Memorial table to  John Trevor Jones               WW2 memorial    



St Michaels church, Pill



St Pauls church

Memorial to Edwin Bertram Barnett from Weston-Super-Mare



St Marks church memorials

Door within the Chacel with names of the dead above it                              Names above Chancel door                            Members of the Parish that died

                     Chancel door                 Names above Chancel door              Parishioners who died                    

Newport High school memorial to pupils that died in both world wars                              The Roodscreen that is part of the war memorial                              Congrgation members that served and died during world war two

        Newport High School memorials       Roodscreen, part of memorial        Parishioners who served and died    

Memorial to Douglas Marsh made fro the original cross on his grave in France

Memorial to to 2nd Lt. Douglas C E Marsh made from the cross that was originally on his grave in France. St Marks also has a stained glass window (not shown) in his memory.



St Mary's RC Church, Stow Hill

Memorial to the left                              World War One memorial                              Memorial to the right

Roll of Honour for World War One


World War Two memorial               The names                                            

Roll of Honour for World War Two



St Stephens Church, Pill, Newport


World war one memorial and names




St Lukes church.

To the gallant men of Newport, 1914 -1919



The Old Temple Street school World War One memorial to former pupils.

This memorial now resides in St Stephens Church.



St John the Baptist church

Risca Road, Newport


        World War 1 war shrine                     World War 1 memorial plaque

The War Shrine donated by Mr G R Martyn J.P. and Mrs Martyn at the beginning of 1918                                        WW1memorial plaque


Boer War Memorial

Donated stained glass window                                                   Roll of Honour of that fell in Marshall's Horse in the South African campaign                                                     Memorial Capt. Charles William Wallis whose father donated the stained glass window.      

Donated stained glass window      Roll of Honour for Marshall's Horse Co.   Memorial to Capt. Charles William Wallis



St John's Church, Maindee

St John's Church                                        Church interior


Plaque's to parishioners

Walter Furzer                         Charles Howells                         Charles Robinson

       Walter James Furzer                 George Davey Howells       Charles Lawson Robinson        


Ronald Thompson                                                                              East End Window                          

   Ronald William Thompson                     Burma Star Association        Dedicated to those that died in the air raid of 1st July 1940


Military Standards that have been laid up

Burma Star Association                                    Old Contempible's Association                                         Royal Engineers Association            

Burma Star Association               Old Contemptible's  Association           The Royal Engineers Association


Royal Regiment of Wales                                                      South African War                                                Salisbury Constitutional Club

Royal Regiment of Wales Association      South African War Veteran's association     Salisbury Club Ex-Servicemen's Association



Llanthewy Road Baptist Church

now the Burleigh Academy.

Memorial to members of the church that died in WW1

Memorial                                        Memorial names



St. Thomas's Church, Maesglas


WW2 memorial                                        WW2 memorial



Newport Jewish Synagogue

to both World Wars and Cpt. Nathan Leonard Harris, MC.

Memorial to Jewish servicemen and casualties                              Memorial to Capt. Nathan Harris



St. Julian's Methodist church

St. Julian's Methodist church.



Havelock Street Presbyterian Church

Havelock Street chapel



St Basils Church, Bassaleg

to both World Wars

St. Basils Church, Bassaleg memorial                              St. Basils Church, Bassaleg memorial                              St. Basils Church, Bassaleg memorial



St Mary's Church, Marshfield, Mon.

Marshfield's War Memorial



Newport Scouts Memorial





Malpas Court Memorial Garden

John Wallace (Tubby) Linton Memorial


Memorials                                        Plaque



Malpas WW1 Memorial

This memorial now hangs in the Malpas Community Centre and is dedicated to  those from Malpas who served in WW1 and to those that died.


Malpas Community Centre Memorial                                        Those who died



St Julian's High School

Two World Wars

St. Julian's High School memorial



Marshes Road and Crindau Schools

To the Old Boys lost in both world wars

Marshes Road and Crindau schools memorial



 Bassaleg Grammer School

World War II

Bassleg Grammer School memorial



Newport Athletic Club and Newport Rugby Club

Photographs by Dennis Bennett




General Post Office memorial, Newport.

Memorial to employee's lost in both World Wars


Post Office memorial to its World War One dead                              Post Office memorial to its dead in both world wars                              Post Office memorial to its dead in World War Two



Christchurch Village War Memorial                    Newport Indoor Market


       Christchurch's War Memorial                                                            Newport market traders memorial

                                                                                          Memorial to market traders who served



National Provincial Bank Memorial

Memorial to the National Provincial Bank employee's that went to war in WW1 and those that died.

This memorial is situated in the NatWest bank in Newport.

With 2681 members and 415 killed this must be assumed as being a memorial to every member employed by the NPB UK wide.


NatWest memorial                                        NatWest memorial



Lysaght's (Orb) Steelworks Memorial to its employee's lost in both World Wars

Photographs by Stephen Hales


Following re-development of part of the Orb steelworks site, the memorial to its former employees who died in the wars has been dismantled and rebuilt on another part of the site. On 13th May 2009 the memorial was re-dedicated and the photo's below show the memorial now at its new home.

Clicking THIS LINK will take you to other photo's that I took of the dedication service


Names of First World War employee's killed          First World War names          Names of Second World War employee's          Second World War names          Names of Wolverhampton employee's          Wolverhampton employee's names



Stewart and LLoyds

This memorial is situated on the Lysaght's (Orb) Steelworks memorial located in the grounds of the steelworks.

Stewart & Lloyds employee's names                                        Stuart & Lloyds plaque



Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds, Rogerstone, WW1 Memorial.

This memorial now resides in the Swansea Waterfront museum.


GKN Memorial

Photograph: © Mr. Stuart Harper



Rogerstone Public Library

to both World Wars, Civilian war dead and Cpl. G C Bristow killed on active service Northern Ireland 1972

oll of onour 1914 - 18 war               Memorial 1914 - 1918 war               Rogerstones citizens killed in air raids               Memorial to G. C. Bristow



Newport's YMCA - World War One and Boys YMCA Bible class.

                                        YMCA - drawing

The YMCA Boys Bilble class drawing with the names of those that seved and died was drawn by Charles Compton, a Newport painter and architect who also built Llanthewy baptist church.

Photo and info Jeff Smith



Glyn Taff Crematorium, Pontypridd

Plaque at the Glyn Taff crematorium in Pontypridd for those casuaties that were cremated.

The name of Newport man James Deacon Witheridge is the last name on the plaque.

Glyn Taff crematorium plaque



Langstone Village Hall

Casualties of World War Two and family memorial to Noel White

Langstone Village Hall                                        Langstone Village Hall

Gerard Hancock 2011


Shaun McGuire 2008